Use a reliable local removals company for international relocation

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Did you know that you can relocate internationally using a local removals company? Statistics have shown that people find local removals companies more reliable and trustworthy, and yet many simply do not realise that such companies can perform high quality international relocations, too.

international relocation

International relocation: living the dream

Hundreds of thousands of people relocate from Europe to the UK every year. For instance, many people move to the UK in order to pursue a PhD or other course of study and thus need to relocate internationally for at least 3 years. Others meet their British spouse or partner when this person, the love of their life, is taking a holiday in Europe and decide to relocate with them back to the UK. For others, work is the prime motivation to relocate internationally. Perhaps a French or Polish company has just opened an international office in the UK, for instance, and several workers are asked to relocate to oversee things over there.
No matter what your reasons for relocating to the UK, finding the correct removal service is essential for ensuring the success of your relocation. Choosing a local removal company who will deal with you on a friendly and professional level, able to give you personal attention and deal with your individual needs and requirements, will make the whole experience of relocating internationally a total breeze! Moreover, a local removals company will know the area better when you relocate to the UK, and they will be able to deal with any issues that may arise surrounding toll roads, parking, and changes to the schedule.

Top tips for international relocation

Relocating internationally may seem like a daunting prospect. However, it does not need to be at all! Here are two simple tips to ensure that your relocation from Continental Europe to the UK goes without a glitch:

1. Downsize and pack the essentials. Deciding what to pack can be fun! You get to go through your old stuff and rediscover forgotten birthday cards, dolls, photos and the like. Whilst it is always a good idea to bring a taste of home over to the UK when you relocate (whether that is a collection of framed photos, all your books, or an old teddy bear that you have had since you were young) it is also important to take the opportunity to downsize. Work out which items would be more costly to transport with you when you relocate and which items would be cheaper to buy new when you arrive. Give away items that you know you will never need again to the charity shop, recycle items or gift them to friends, or sell your bulky furniture to gain some extra cash. That way, other people can make use of your old stuff and you do not need to drag a whole load of unnecessary bulk over to the UK with you.

2. Communicate. Stay in touch with your removals company and make sure to establish a good relationship with them. Ask them any questions you may have and send them photos of your belongings if necessary. This is where having a local removals company becomes a very smart choice: they can use their local knowledge to advise you on all aspects of your relocation to the UK.

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